Heyy man, i still love you.
 I need you know that i'm so miss you :(
Yaww, where should i find my love?
Am i so jerk to you?
I know its over a year we broke up.
But i still love you & i don't know why..

Young man, you're so meaningful to me.
Even we don't contact or meetfor a long time.
I always feel that we still together.
Only deadth can separate my love to you.

Its okay for me to see you smile.
To see your laugh.
Tou see your happy.
It makes me more happy than you even i look you from far..
Now, i try to find your place.
But, no one can replace you.
I hope you still remember me.
Thank you.

p/s : If you love someone, don't let it go.