Malaysia Airlines, Flight Stewardess

I'm so excited and so blessed being selected for One Of The World's Best Cabin Crew, Malaysia Airlines. Omg i'm really so blessed with it. I thought i'll never passed get into with it yahhhhh as i'm the youngest candidate and the rest so "big" and matured also have a ex-cabin crew from different airlines and we need compete each other in same group! So i'm just thought and talk to myself that i just want gain experience walk-in-interview with Malaysia Airlines, its okay if i'm not passed it next time when i've 100% get ready for it so will try again. But who guess "rezeki" from Allah right?

Alhamdullilah, i'm so happily in crying when i've been announce selected to join them as a Flight Stewardess. Now my dreams have come true. I got my dream job, a good job, others candidate girls dream job when i'm 18 years old. Oh god, thank you for all your given. I thought i will failed, but yah....i got it finally. I'm really doing my homework, many of effort i put on it. I'm so happy look-ing ibu crying happiness and so proud to me. Thank you for everything, for those who help me a lot and for anyone who always gimme support till i'm did it.

And currently i just need waiting 6 Jan 2015 for medical checkup! Andthen, continue my new year 2015 as a new person, a woman who have a good career and be brave! Good luck to myself.

Miss-ing my girls

OMG! Now i'm beginning miss-ing my girls to the moon and back. Well, most of you have success and i'm the one who don't get the job. Good luck for your career in airlines my girls! Always be a gourgeous, independent, beautiful, successful flight stewardess. And i'll follow you guys soon! Especially you Nisa, hmmm remember we always eat "maggi" at midnight? And Ati also Jessy we always hang out together and also with Nisa & Julia to KLIA2 and take a look stewardess want to take off! Yes, i'm right here almost crazy miss-ing all my babies. Muah, love you guys.