Heyy guys.
I miss you all.

Yeah, let's start!
Awwch, many changes right now to all my friends blog.
Well, since Blogger is famous as online diary & it can be decorate by our own!
So now, for a new blogger that want a cute/colourful/gorgeous etc. They just can download a template from Blogskin.
Sorry, my blog is 100% from me.
I'm not copyright to others. Many of people ask me to do a 'Tutorial' but i don't have any time to update any request because my lappy had been missing -,-'

This is not i want to share, i want to share about a 'Friends'.
Make a good decision to choose a friends. Some of them did not sincere to friends with u, maybe they just want to pay back for something or wanna stabbed back! Careful guys!

Friends is not our family members, that's why we brave to story about our life to them. Sharing about boyfriends, gossips etc!
Be loyal to them. Its easy.
Friends is not our punch bag, some people love to make a joke with them or silly them. Careful this guys, it can make our friends in badmood with us. So, watch out your mouth before say something okay?

Okay then, i need to out now.
Its late. I want to update my Twitter.
Meet me there!

Lotsoflove, AsyuA.